Body therapy

Body psychotherapeutic procedures include forms of therapy such as integrative body psychotherapy, concentrated movement therapy and bioenergetics.

Body psychotherapy is based on the realization that suppressed feelings, experiences and fantasies can block psychological and physical experience. These blockages manifest themselves, for example, in tension, psychosomatic complaints, posture problems and a lack of body expression. It is also assumed that early experiences of the body and the soul are stored in a kind of "body memory".

In therapeutic work, such hindering and blocking experiences can be worked through by activating body memory and body language. This can achieve a change in bodily expression and experience and eventually affect the way one deals with problems and situations in the present.

Techniques are used which, among other things, make the patient aware and then alter breathing patterns and can lead to a change in posture and muscle structure and the unconscious body image.

The aim of body psychotherapy is to address different levels of experience: the level of body sensations, body expression, inner images, feelings of understanding and classification of the own body.

This form of therapy is used as an alternative to conversation therapy to cope with various physical and psychological problems. It has its special field of application in patients in talking therapy is rejected or does not lead to satisfactory results. Body therapy is used in working with individuals, couples and groups.