4 Steps to Finding a Therapist

Please note that information provided on this website relates exclusively to the situation in Germany!

The path to therapy for patients with statutory/public health insurance always begins by attending a "psychotherapeutic consultation". After this, patients can attend so-called acute therapy, limited to 12 sessions. This can then be followed by regular therapy for a maximum of approximately two years. Sometimes, there will be a follow-up period after therapy (relapse prophylaxis).

Informing and selecting:

Read the notes:seaching for and finding psychotherapists

Get a certificate that indicates the necessity of therapy

You will receive this form from a registered psychotherapist with health insurance approval (PTV 11 form) after the psychotherapeutic consultation.

Regularly, patients are offered a therapy place directly

Document excessive waiting times

  • Document at least 5 cases in which therapists you contacted had a waiting time that exceeds 3 months
  • Find a therapy place in a private practice that offers cost reimbursement
  • Apply for cost reimbursement using the correct forms

This will sometimes be approved immediately

file an appeal

  • You have to appeal in due time and occasionally, the insurance company will grant your appeal, or:
  • You hire a lawyer for social law and threaten to sue according to SGB V, § 13 Satz 3)

You have a legally enforceable entitlement for a therapy place!