Katathym imaginative psychotherapy

Catathym-imaginative psychotherapy (K.i.P.), also called "symbol drama", is a daydream technique of psychotherapy. This therapy was developed in the 1960s by Prof. Dr. med. Hanscarl Leuner (1921 - 1996) at the University of Göttingen. Its basic concept is related to deep psychology and psychoanalysis.

K.I.P. assumes that images and ideas that run through our thoughts during the day reflect unconscious conflicts and feelings. It's the same with daydreams as it is with nightdreams.

At the beginning of the treatment, the client's life story and current complaints are discussed in detail. In cooperation with the therapist, an attempt is then made to consciously create daydreams. The therapist gives the client a picture on a certain topic (e.g. the motif "meadow"). The client describes what develops into this motif in front of his inner eye, the therapist accompanies him/her in a constant dialogue, supports and encourages him/her to take a closer look. The resulting pictures are then interpreted together with the therapist. Often, however, clients decipher the symbolism of the images on their own. In the conversation, the client's inner attitudes are worked on and the client learns to deal better with his personality.

K.I.P. is mostly used for neurotic and psychosomatic diseases. It is used methodically in crisis intervention, short psychotherapy and long-term psychotherapy. Furthermore, it is applied in individual, couples and group therapy and with adults as well as with children and adolescents.