Cost coverage for psychotherapy

Please note that information provided on this website relates exclusively to the situation in Germany!

In general, there are several ways in which psychotherapy costs can be paid for or covered by a health insurance company:

  • Cost coverage by a statutory/public health insurance company (TK, BEK, AOK, etc.) is only possible if the therapist has a health insurance licence. In this database therapists with and without health insurance approval are included, please pay attention to the information in the search results.
  • Coverage of costs by private health insurance companies should be possible for practically all health insurance companies, as this requires a so-called licence to practise, which all colleagues in this register must prove.
  • In principle, so-called reimbursement of costs ("Kostenerstattung") is also possible for all legally insured patients if they cannot find a treatment spot with a practitioner with health insurance approval within a reasonable period of time (approx. three months).
  • In the case of problems or requests for advice that are not directly related to an illness (for example, occupational problems) or even if special forms of treatment are desired (for example, in the case of couples therapy or also in the case of body-oriented forms of therapy), it is practically always required to pay with own funds.