Insecurity, self-consciousness and contact disorders

Self insecurity, shyness and problems with self-esteem are very common. Every person goes through phases in his life in which such feelings occur intensively. Most people go through this phase during puberty and at the time of finding a career. Often choosing a partner and first sexual experiences are also shaped by these feelings. Although a high degree of subjective suffering may exist here, a disease or need for treatment is rarely assumed. The assessment of these problems corresponds to what is said in the chapter "Partnership, Love and Sexuality". In most cases, treatment is only sought when the person concerned is still struggling with these problems beyond puberty.

Severity of symptoms

A lot of people deal with these issues. Those who seek therapy often have a very high level of suffering.

Appropriate forms of therapy

Behavioural therapy, deep psychological therapy, analytical therapy (covered by health insurance); as well as all forms of humanistic psychotherapy such as Gestalt therapy and talk therapy, but also psychodrama or hypnotherapy (all not covered by health insurance).

Duration of treatment

Between 25 to 80 sessions, depending on the circumstances (one session per week in most cases).

Cost coverage

Health insurance companies, both private and statutory/public, usually cover the costs of treatment.