Public (or Statutory) health insurance

People insured by a statutory/public health insurance, receive full coverage (= no own contributions!) of the treatment costs for psychotherapy. The condition is prior approval by the insurance company. The patient and therapist prepare the necessary application together.

First, you are look for a therapist who can offer you treatment in the near future. Only an initial consultation is of little use to you, you need a confirmation for an admission. Please also read: Free therapy places.

In the initial consultation you clarify for yourself and with the therapist whether you are in good hands with your topics and problems there and whether you can find a common time for regular appointments. For the clarification of this question, up to five so-called probatorial sessions (= trial lessons) can be held.

Subsequently, an application must be submitted to the insurance company. Your therapist takes care of the formalities. You only need to obtain a consultation report from a doctor of your choice (family doctor, gynaecologist, etc.). You will need a special form which your therapist will give you.