Group analysis

Group analysis, which emerged from psychoanalysis, creates a framework for individuals in a group situation in which conflicts in life become accessible to conscious recognition and processing.

Each group member experiences how he or she establishes and shapes contacts within the group's network of relationships,

  • the difficulties and conflicts that arise,
  • how it affects the group and its climate,
  • how fears and resistance are addressed and dealt within the group and,
  • which roles individuals tend to play.

Since the group analyst is a participant in the group process, he can:

  • recognize and communicate the unconscious motives for the experience and behaviour of the individual persons
  • through their knowledge of the biographical backgrounds the therapist can help the indivdual understand the nature and origin of their conflicts and
  • show how such conflicts can be experienced again in the group situation.

These experiences can help individuals to shape their relationships and life outside the group framework in a new and satisfying way.